Get A Wiki on Facebook

I am a huge fan of using wikis for organizing content within an organization. Thanks to Wetpaint, you can now leverage the power of wikis directly on Facebook. The Wiki Whiteboard application enables you to create new wikis or join existing ones. Once you create your wiki, you can invite any of your Facebook friends to come and participate.

In comparison to MediaWiki which is frequently criticized for forcing users to learn a new language to modify wiki pages, the Wiki Whiteboard application provides a simple WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor to make editing a simple task. Additionally, you can create additional pages within your wiki in order to organize content. Facebook’s restrictions on application canvas page width significantly reduced the usefulness of this application. The effective width of each wiki page is around 400 pixels, less than the width of this blog entry.

I can see this application being integrated into groups once Facebook launches the groups API. If the majority of your event and group organization takes place within Facebook, this application may be for you. If you want to try out creating your own wiki, go grab the Wiki Whiteboard application.

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