Twitter, Facebook, Instagram And The Geosocial Universe [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media went mobile in 2012 – almost half of all U.S. social media users now access platforms such as Twitter and Facebook via their phones – and social networking sites that have been unable to capitalise and build upon this shift have suffered.

Indeed, yesterday Twitter revealed data that suggested that its mobile users are perhaps its most important users, inasmuch as they’re far more likely to be active on Twitter throughout the day. Facebook aggressively responded to criticism about its perceived ineffectiveness in mobile after its IPO last year, and almost two-thirds of its more than one billion users now access Facebook on their devices.

So what about everybody else?

Instagram, of course, was born in the mobile space and now boasts over 90 million users. Google+ and Pinterest are both around 50 percent mobile, but LinkedIn has been slower to adapt – only one-fifth of its users access the site via a mobile phone, which could be problematic for future growth.

This infographic is JESS3’s third instalment of its Geosocial Universe, taking a closer look at the winners and losers in the increasingly-pivotal world of mobile social media.

(Source: JESS3. Mobile image via Shutterstock.)