George to Ginger: ‘Was it Fun, Was it Just Sex?’

ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos’ interviewed Ginger White, GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain‘s latest accuser, on the program this morning at 7 a.m.

On ABC News’ blog, Stephanopoulos wrote: “Ginger White, who says she was involved in a 13 or 14 year ‘on and off’ affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, today told me she does not think he is fit to be president. ‘I honestly do not think that he is, in my opinion, would make a good president as far as I’m concerned,’ White told me in an exclusive interview on GMA.” … Stephanopoulos later added, “She told me the spotlight is ‘difficult’ and she has been ‘absolutely humiliated [and] embarrassed.’ ‘I can’t image [sic] waking up one morning and deciding to come out with this if this was not true,’ White said. ‘This has been a very difficult situation for myself and for my family.  And it’s nothing that I’m proud of.'”

George’s best question: “Was it an affair, was it fun, was it just sex? Tell us about it.” Ginger said the affair was casual. She said, however, that coming out like this “has not been fun.”

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