George Clooney is a Blight On His Girlfriends

George Clooney with ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis, who is now opening pizza joints in Miami.

George Clooney is loved the world over. He’s won Oscars. People pay to see his movies. (We hear The Descendants is pretty good.) And look at this long list of girlfriends.

But the New York Post Magazine has published a story today that says Clooney is no good to these ladies. No good at all.

“Hollywood’s ultimate bachelor, willfully committed to never committing, has left a long line of unknown women in his celebrated wake,” the story says. “For women who hope to gain fame from a high-profile relationship, dating George Clooney is a catch-22.”

Note, there’s nothing in the story that says any of the many women named dated Clooney for career advancement or money. Which is good because none of them got that.

An anonymous “communications strategist” takes it a step further.

“George Clooney has had so many girlfriends that the connection loses meaning.” Later in the story, this publicist says, “These women he dates are entering his life—he’s not entering theirs.”

This source predicts much the same for Stacey Kiebler when this relationship inevitably ends.