Gazette Publisher is no Dreamboat (Pun Intended)

WaPo‘s suburban newspapers, The Gazette, recently laid off employees.

So what does Chuck Lyons, CEO of Post-Newsweek Media, the parent company to the Gazette, do? He writes about buying his dream boat. A first-person account of the publisher’s dream boat appeared in Wednesday’s paper. Strangely, no byline. But at the bottom of the piece, a final line reads: “The writer is CEO of Post-Newsweek Media, the parent company of The Gazette.”

An excerpt:

“A few days ago, my wife and I launched our new boat, and that night nature reminded me who rules the waters and the difficulty in plying those waters with uneventful experiences. For six years I dreamed about skippering an Albin 28, a ‘wish-list,’ not a ‘must-have,’ item in life. I climbed aboard the Albin 28s at the Annapolis Boat Show and researched hundreds of used Albin 28s for sale from Florida to Maine. Finally, with the prospect of turning 65 years old this year and living in this age of economic uncertainty, and despite the fact that boat prices are at the bottom, I decided to put this dream to rest. It was fun while it lasted, as they say. Then fate played a trump card. Four miles from our home, there suddenly appeared a boat sitting in a parking lot with a “for sale” sign. I hit the brakes and said to my wife, ‘I think that was an Albin 28.'”

Indeed it was. He purchased the boat and his wife called it “destiny.” Meanwhile, a tipster tells us staffers are “very angry over how increasingly tone deaf management is to real-world problems.”

Read the entire story here.

We attempted to reach Lyons, but were told that he was, ahem, on vacation this week outside the state.