Gawker’s Coen Jumps To Vanity Fair


Ex-Gawker co-editor Jesse Oxfeld with Jessica Coen in May

Gawker co-editor Jessica Coen is leaving Nick Denton‘s Gawker Media — the so-called Condé Nast of the blogosphere — for the real thing. Coen today announced she’s taken a gig as Vanity Fair‘s deputy online editor:

These are my last two weeks at Gawker, and I’d rather not get reflective and emotional just yet (and seriously, why the hell am I so emotional?! I’m exhausted — move on, lady!), as I still have to get up at some ungodly hour and help you procrastinate for a little while longer. After I’m done here, I’ll be heading over to Vanity Fair, where I’ll be their deputy online editor. While it’s actually quite hard to say goodbye to this job (crap, am I being sincere already?), I can’t pass up the opportunity to do all sorts of inappropriate things to the Conde Nast salad bar when no one’s looking.

Coen’s departure comes less than three months after her longtime co-editor, Jesse Oxfeld, was let go in a companywide shakeup and replaced by a co-editor, Alex Balk, and managing editor Chris Mohney.

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