Gawker Biting the Hand That Feeds?


Gawker’s new culture editor, Alex Carnevale, wrote a post titled “Desperate Times for 30 Rock” about the premiere of 30 Rock tonight in which he wonder whether stunt casting — “Oprah! Steve Martin! Jennifer Aniston!” — will ruin the “best comedy on television.”

The headline of the post is much more dramatic than the story, which is very positive about the show, although not the direction it’s taking in search of ratings. Still, we were interested to note that 30 Rock is sponsoring the entire site today. In that light, Carnevale’s article is a sign of editorial freedom, especially at a company laying off staff because of a presumed ad slowdown.

We can’t imagine, however, that the GM bosses are all that happy with his last line: “We can’t think of better advertising for 30 Rock than the show itself.” D’oh.