Latest Gavin Smith Media Theory: Jealousy

Another week, another stretch of mystery with regards to the May 1 disappearance of Fox theatrical distribution executive Gavin Smith.

The only bit of speculative news was published Wednesday by The Daily. Based on some quotes from unnamed sources, the report extrapolated that Smith may have met with the angry actions of a jealous boyfriend-husband:

“He had several affairs,” said a source close to the investigation. “The guy was a player. He was a big flirt. He was a ladies’ man…”

“It’s hard for a 6-foot-6 guy to go missing. It’s even harder for a car to disappear,” a law enforcement source said. “That’s why they think it is murder.”

This somewhat flimsy strand was quickly picked up by UK’s The Daily Mail. However, when Sheriff’s investigators searched a home last Friday in Canoga Park in connection with the ongoing investigation of Smith’s disappearance, Lt. Dave Dolson told the LA Times “this is still a missing persons investigation. We don’t have anything indicating there was foul play involved.”