Gavin on a Sugar High

Candy Jar Mix.JPG.jpeg In what is a fantastically sweet interview, Politico‘s Patrick Gavin interviews the head of the Washington Confectioner’s Association.

Gavin begins loading up on candy at the onset of the interview never really stops. And soon, it’s all over his face, a glazed look of sugary euphoria.

Maybe it was the sugar high, but Gavin’s quirky questions to Larry Graham, the organization’s president, were a crackup as the prez tried to discuss seriously his support of First Lady Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign. “Candy has been around for a long, long time, way before childhood obesity,” the prez remarked (straight-faced).

Gavin, meanwhile, wanted to learn about the sinister aspects of running a national candy association in Washington:

1. What is your stance on black licorice? Do you ike it or no?
2. Nuts or no nuts? (as in M&M’s)
3. Do you think it’s time for the Watchamacallit [candybar] to change its name?

Watch it here.