Can You Win The #GameOfMarketing?

Can you win the #GameOfMarketing?

Well, now’s your chance to find out, courtesy of this amusing piece of viral marketing from those winning folks at Another Marketing Conference, which takes place Tuesday, June 25th, Cambridge, UK.

As they say, working in marketing can feel a bit like a boardgame sometimes – every time you think you are moving forward something takes you by surprise and brings you back down to earth with a bump. So, they designed this board game (which is laugh-out-loud funny in parts), as a way to test the mettle of your common or garden marketer. Or anybody thinking about signing up for that job.

In the full interests of transparency, I was actually send the hard copy of this very cleverly-designed board game earlier in the week (which actually came with dice and counters). Suffice to say, I was impressed. If you work in the marketing space, it’s definitely got something that grabs your attention (not to mention a great sense of humour – love the @FrankieBoyle quip), and is a clever promotional strategy from the AMC team. Print it out, and have some fun.

(Source: Another Marketing Conference.)