GameDuell’s Puzzler Bubble Speed is a Pop Hit with Facebook Gamers

Taito’s classic bubble popping puzzle game Puzzle Bobble (sometimes called Bust-A-Move) serves as the inspiration for Bubble Speed from GameDuell, developer of casual titles Jungle Jewels, Fluffy Birds Flash. Launched one year ago, the title is currently the publisher’s most heavily used, according to our AppData traffic tracking service.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Bubble Speed currently has 1.5 million monthly active users and 280,000 daily active users.

Bubble Speed has players launching bubbles of various colors upwards into a mass of multicolored bubbles which are slowly moving towards the bottom of the screen. Bubbles can be fired directly or banked off of the walls of the “well.” When the fired bubble sticks to at least two more of the same color, they pop, awarding points to the player. Any bubbles “hanging” from the popped bubbles fall off the screen, with players receiving points for them, as well.

Players have 60 seconds to pop as many bubbles as possible. The game offers boosts (power-ups) to aid them, including bombs, point multipliers, added time, and line-clearers. These appear in colored bubbles and are activated if matched.

When the timer runs out, the game tallies the player’s score and rewards them with gems if they’ve managed a new high score or passed the high score of a friend. Gems are used to purchase boosts. On occasion, the game will reward players with free boosts, which are stored in a stockpile for later use. Up to four boosts can be used per game; three can be purchased, while a fourth must be requested from a friend.

Social features include bragging about new high scores and passing friends’ high scores via viral channels, as well as requesting boosts from friends. The game features a weekly drawing for free gems that players are entered into once their group of friends has amassed more than a specific number of points for that week. Player scores and those of their friends are displayed in a real-time scoreboard during gameplay and in-between games.

Bubble Speed is monetized by players spending Facebook Credits on additional gems. They are available in bundles of 25, 250, 1000, and 2000 for 5, 30, 120, and 199 Facebook Credits, respectively. Boosts cost between 15 and 35 gems per use.

You can follow Bubble Speed’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.