Game of Thrones Hits Social Media Mainstream With New Game, Interest-Targeted Advertising From Other Media

Popular fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, more commonly known as Game of Thrones, expands its social network grasp this week with a social game launched from the television series’ fan page and with an interest-targeted ad campaign from another game developer looking to cash in on Game of Thrones fever.

The game, called Battle for the Iron Throne, is broken into levels scheduled to release one by one on a timed basis. The tutorial level is available now, with level 1 slated to go live Thursday. The tutorial level is broken into three parts — a first-person sword combat section, a real time strategy combat section, and a multiple choice trivia section that appears to draw trivia from the book series as opposed to the HBO series. Players must achieve a minimum score before advancing to the next level when it becomes available.

The ad campaign, meanwhile, is something social game players on Facebook may see if they’ve Liked the HBO Game of Thrones fan page. Massively multiplayer online game developer, Heatwave Interactive, is running an interest-targeted ad campaign that uses images from and references to the Game of Thrones TV series to direct users to the fan page for its MMO, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. We’ve seen these interest-targeted ad campaigns used for other media or artists like Lady Gaga, but this is the first we’ve seen of an off-Facebook video game attempting to attract users with fantasy genre appeal alone.

So far, the HBO Game of Thrones fan page has over 343,000 Likes. The Gods & Heroes fan page has 33,000 Likes. Stay tuned for a full review of the Battle for the Iron Throne social game once all levels of the game are live.