Game, App Update Roundup: Christmas 2015 Edition

We take a look at some of the Christmas-themed updates in apps and games this year.

As Christmas quickly approaches, mobile and Facebook developers have updated their games and apps with a variety of themed updates to celebrate the holidays.

For instance, Electronic Arts‘ The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been updated with a new series of quests in a holiday storyline (among other additions), while the company’s SimCity BuildIt has received new holiday parks players can purchase for their towns.

Here’s a look at some of the Christmas-themed game and app updates which are now available on Facebook and mobile.

Minions Paradise (Free on iOSAndroid) – This city-building game from Electronic Arts has received a new Minion, as well as five new ‘Distractivities:’ the Icy Half Pipe, Island Hockey, Sand Angels, a Snow Globe and the Snow-Cone-O-Matic. In addition, players can now unlock the new Freeze Ray and Yo-yo Party Favors, and can purchase more than a dozen holiday decorations for their island, including the Tropical Snowman, the Holiday Palm, Candy Cane Patch and Gingerbread Out-House.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – From now until January 1, players of this tower defense game from Electronic Arts can participate in a special Feastivus event, featuring holiday-themed plants, zombies and costumes.

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – In this life simulation game from Electronic Arts, players can complete new ‘Christmas Chill’ and ‘Secret Winter Wonderland’ quests, and can travel to a new Ice Palace to meet the Ice Queen. In addition, players can build a Gingerbread house filled with candy furniture, can decorate their Sims’ homes for Christmas and more.

Bejeweled Blitz (Free on iOS, Android, Facebook) – From PopCap, this match-three puzzle game has been updated with a new Rare Gem called the Mistlestone. When activated in a game, this Mistlestone adds mistletoe to certain gems on the board. When these gems are used in matches, they trigger explosions, which help players earn points. At the end of these games, players can tap a present to receive a coin prize.

Century City (Free on iOS) – This idle or clicker game from Pine Entertainment has been updated with a new holiday theme, as well as a Santa statue, which increases a player’s investment income by 25 percent. Users must have a level two restaurant to unlock the Santa Statue in the game’s build menu, and can ‘rent’ the statue for free by watching a video ad, or by spending premium currency. Santa will also appear in the sky above players’ towns, and will drop off presents containing in-game prizes.

Swipe It

Swipe It (Free on iOS, Android) – HyprdrvMedia has updated its ‘family conversation game’ with a Christmas pack of questions. The app was built to bring family members closer together by giving them prompts for conversations or challenges to complete. This Christmas pack contains 50 themed questions, and is available for $0.99.

Farm Clan: The Adventure (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This farming game from G5 Entertainment has been updated with a new Winter Event containing themed quests and a new collection to complete. Users can also decorate their village with themed decorations. This event will be available until January 11.

Mahjong Journey (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This mahjong game from G5 Entertainment features 30 new levels, and allows players to make matches with more than 40 festive tiles. In addition, by collecting stars during this holiday event, players can unlock the ‘fairytale winter avatar.’

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (Free on iOS) – This hidden object game from G5 Entertainment has received two new hidden object scenes: the Christmas Hall and the Gift Shop. Players can complete 40 holiday quests in a special ‘Christmas Ball’ event, and can complete six new collections to receive a unique totem, a special avatar and more. Players will also meet the Ice Queen, and must stop her from destroying Christmas.

Virtual City Playground: Building Tycoon (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This city-building game from G5 Entertainment has been updated with a new look for winter, and allows players to build Santa’s Castle and ‘get special holiday gifts.’ The game’s latest update also includes new quests to complete.

Ski Safari 2 ($1.99 on iOS, Free on Android) – This endless skiing game from Sleepy Z Studios has received a new world for the holiday season, taking Sven and Evana to the North Pole. The update includes a gingerbread snowboard and candy cane skis, and sees players attempt to escape an avalanche. As part of this update, players can ride on Santa’s sleigh, fly through the air with reindeer, complete 40 challenges and unlock costumes including Santa Sven and Elfvana.

2020 My Country

2020: My Country (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this city-building game from Game Insight, Santa has gone missing, and players must solve the mystery of his disappearance. As part of this update, players can decorate a Christmas Tree in their towns, and can exchange presents with their friends. The game has also received new decorations and buildings.

Airport City

Airport City (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this airport management and city-building game from Game Insight, players will need to help Santa find his missing sled and gifts.

Big Business Deluxe

Big Business Deluxe (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this city-building and business management game from Game Insight, a yeti has stolen all of the Christmas presents, and players must defeat him to retrieve them. The game’s holiday update includes new buildings, treasures, quests and an ice sculpture contest.

Build a Kingdom (Free on iOS, Android, Facebook) – In this medieval city-building game from Game Insight, players can decorate a Christmas Tree, and help Robert the bard’s godsons arrange a holiday concert, among other activities.

Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this base-building game from Game Insight, players can now battle Santa, who has gone crazy, and is stealing presents, rather than giving them away. As part of this update, the game has received a Snowglade island skin and the Elf’s War Chest. Players can also collect a new gift each day during a ’12 Days of Christmas’ event.

Dragon Eternity

Dragon Eternity (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – This MMORPG from Game Insight has been updated with the appearance of Grandfather Frostmir, who delivers presents to men, women and children. During this event, players will help Frostmir complete his deliveries.

Love and Dragons

Love and Dragons (Free on iPad, Windows Phone) – In this hidden object game from Game Insight, the Emperor is preparing to move to his winter residence, and players will need to help his Lady find her missing jewelry so she can attend the holiday dance.

Maritime Kingdom

Maritime Kingdom (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – In this nautical city-building game from Game Insight, Santa has been kidnapped by pirates, and players must rescue him. The update also includes new decorations and buildings.

Mirrors of Albion

Mirrors of Albion (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – This hidden object game from Game Insight has been updated with new hidden object scenes like the Christmas House and Christmas Tree. The game also has a new boss character, The Snow Queen.

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – In this hidden object game from Game Insight, players will need to save Frost de Froste from a winter that’s ‘too warm.’ In addition, players will help a new character named Danny Claus send out Christmas gifts to kids around the world. Users can also play the new Miracle of Christmas game mode, which allows them to find holiday decorations. Finally, there are three holiday rooms to explore, as well as new collections to complete, among other updates.

Paradise Island

Paradise Island (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This tropical resort-building game from Game Insight has been updated with new buildings, decorations, resources, achievements, a Christmas Tree and more for the holiday season.

Paradise Island 2

Paradise Island 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – In this sequel to the original Paradise Island, Santa, snowmen and elves have arrived as guests at players’ resorts. As part of this update, players can construct new buildings like the Happy Santa Hotel and Santa’s Magic Sled.

Sunshine Bay

Sunshine Bay (Free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this resort-building game from Game Insight, players can catch runaway penguins and send them on cruises to unlock a Disco Yacht. This yacht can be sent on new Christmas cruises, which helps players complete a new holiday-themed collection.

Transport Empire

Transport Empire (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this economic strategy game from Game Insight, players will meet Freya Frost, and can make and deliver gifts to save the holidays.

The Tribez

The Tribez (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone, Facebook) – In this tropical city-building game from Game Insight, players must recover their Christmas decorations from the yetis. The update includes more than 30 holiday quests.

Tribez and Castlez

The Tribez & Castlez (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Facebook) – In this medieval city-building game from Game Insight, players will need to retrieve letters written to the Winter Wizard, which have been stolen by the Gobools. This event includes more than 20 quests to complete, a Christmas Tree to decorate and more.


PolyBlast (Free on iOS, Android) – This puzzle game from Game Cooks has received 15 new levels for Christmas, which feature holiday designs and music. The game has also been updated with a gift box of power-ups.

Real Boxing 2 CREED (Free on iOS, Android) – This boxing game from Vivid Games has been updated with a new Evil Santa opponent to fight. In addition, players can send their friends presents including lottery cards, boosts and tickets to gym mini-games.

Mazecraft ($1.99 on iOS) – In this social maze creation game from Hyper Liger, players can now create mazes which include holiday elements like Santa, as well as evil snowmen, elves, penguins, yetis and more. The game also has one new costume to unlock.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman: Sniper ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – This sniping game from Square Enix Montreal has been updated with a ‘Merry Hitmas’ content update, which sees environments updated with holiday decorations. The update includes ‘The Merry Maker,’ a sniper rifle which shoots ‘festive’ ammunition, like bullets which freeze characters to death, and presents which attract enemies before exploding. The game is currently on sale for 40 percent off for the holiday season.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols

Crusaders of the Lost Idols (Free on Facebook) – This clicker or idle game from Codename Entertainment has been updated with the ‘Nate Before Christmas’ event, which sees players complete new objectives to recruit two new Crusaders for their team: RoboSanta and Frosty the Snowman. In addition to these objectives, players can complete two additional objectives featuring Rudolph and Santa. One sees players help Rudolph find eight missing reindeer, while the other challenges players to help Santa deliver his presents within 60 minutes. This event will be available until December 29 at noon Pacific time.

Reiner Knizia’s Dice Monsters (Free on iOS) – Until January 10, players of this dice game from Reiner Knizia and Timecode can receive the free ‘Ice Dice’ as a Christmas gift.

Seven Knights (Free on iOS, Android) – Until December 31, players of this RPG from Netmarble Games can collect hats and socks by playing in the game’s Adventure, Arena, Celestial Tower and Castle Rush modes, and can trade these in for gifts including four-star Element Tickets, six-star Hero Tickets, six-star Weapon and Armor Tickets and more. In addition, players who collect up to 700 hats can receive a four-star May character, and an exclusive holiday costume which can only be earned during this event.


DomiNations (Free on iOS, Android) – From December 23 to December 28, players of this base-building combat game from Nexon M and Big Huge Games can find mystery presents around their base. These presents will appear on the outside of the forest, and will contain random amounts of trade goods, resources, crowns and other items.

Monster Squad

Monster Squad (Free on iOS, Android) – This monster collecting and battling game from Nexon M has received a new visual theme for the holidays, and allows players to take their monsters on holiday-themed quests. Users can also create special events that other players can participate in.

Mabinogi Duel

Mabinogi Duel (Free on iOS, Android) – This trading card game from Nexon Korea has been updated with a Christmas-themed arena, where players can win special edition card rewards. In addition, from December 22 to December 28, players can complete new daily challenges. Players also have an increased chance to win a rare card and mutant card from the Cat Merchant celebrating Christmas until December 28. Additional holiday-themed updates will also be added to the game.

Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free on iOS, Android, Windows) – This racing game from Gameloft has been updated with three new winter-themed tracks.

Eternal Arena

Eternal Arena (Free on iOS, Android) – This action RPG from NetEase has received a Winter Carol update, featuring a new hero: Esther, the Hat-trick Magician and gift thief. For a limited time, players can complete a new dungeon to rescue their gifts from Esther. In addition, players can earn Gift Points and trade these in for a ‘Winter Carol Gift.’ Finally, players can earn Winter Bells during this event, and use them to decorate their Guild Holly Tree, earn daily rewards and unlock gifts in the game’s Gift Shop.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter (Free on iOS, Android) – For a limited time, players of this Vault-building game from Bethesda Softworks can find Santa and Elf costumes for their Dwellers inside Lunchboxes. In addition, the Wasteland outside of players’ Vaults has been updated with a new look for the holidays.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6.99 on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon) – Mojang‘s sandbox game has received a new holiday skin pack, which is available to purchase for $1.99. The pack contains 15 skins for players’ avatars, including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and a Gingerbread Creeper, among others. Players can receive two skins, ‘Warm Wooly’ and ‘Jumper,’ for free.

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier (Free on iOS, Android) – Starting December 23, players of this RPG from gumi Inc. can summon an exclusive Christmas heroine, Zeruiah, from the Frost Summon Gate. In addition, from December 24 to December 31, players can explore a new Christmas-themed dungeon called Glittering Wintertide. The dungeon features Zeruiah as the end boss, and allows players to collect items that can be used to create the ‘Frozen Fantasy’ sphere upgrade. The game will receive additional holiday-related content later this week.

Wakfu Raiders

Wakfu Raiders (Free on iOS, Android) – This RPG from gumi Inc. has been updated with a new character, Father Kwismas, who is only available until December 27. In addition, players can complete new Christmas Bounty events, a Christmas Vortex dungeon and Christmas present hunt mini-games. These events will be available until December 27.

Shooty Skies (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This endless shooter from Mighty Games has been updated with a set of new Christmas pilots, including Blitzen, Elfabear and Poley, among others. When using a Christmas pilot, the game has a seasonal background.


TwoDots (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This level-based puzzle game from Playdots has received seven new levels in a holiday event, which contain elements like ‘nesting dots’ and ice. If players complete all seven levels, they earn a special holiday medal for their game.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper (Free on iOS, Android) – Until January 1, players of this Final Fantasy game from DeNA and Square Enix can participate in the Festive Fantasy event, which allows players to earn in-game items and experience for their party. In addition, all players who login to the game during the event will receive a holiday-exclusive five-star item, which will be given to players on December 25.

Cradle of Empires

Cradle of Empires (Free on iOS) – For a limited time, players of this match-three city-building game from Awem Games can collect Christmas candies and trade them in for random prizes. In addition, a Christmas Calendar event gives players a new free gift or discount each day.

Candy Blast Mania: Christmas (Free on iOS, Android) – This match-three puzzle game from Storm8 has been updated with a holiday-themed world containing 12 new levels.

Farm Story 2: Holiday Harvest (Free on iOS) – Players of this farming game from Storm8 can now build Santa’s sleigh and collect presents to win limited edition Christmas prizes, including the Baby Reindeer. In addition, the game’s characters are now dressed in holiday sweaters which were designed by players.

Dragon Story (Free on iOS, Android) – This dragon breeding game from Storm8 has been updated with a Christmas World Event, which allows players to collect snow globes from other players to win prizes including the Mistletoe Dragon, Candy Cane Dragon, Sweater Dragon and Jingle Bell Dragon. While the Christmas World Event will be available until January 5, the Jingle Bell Dragon will only be available from December 22 to December 29.

Restaurant Story 2

Restaurant Story 2 (Free on iOS) – From now until December 28, players of this restaurant simulation game from Storm8 can participate in the Winter Wonderland Catering Event, which features new holiday recipes including the Snowman Cheese Plate, Snowy Cake Pops, Holiday Tree Rolls, Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken and Holiday Trifle. Users who complete all nine stages of the event will receive holiday decorations, including an animated baby reindeer.

Fantasy Forest Story (Free on iOS, Android) – Until December 31, players of this animal breeding game from Storm 8 can breed animals for a chance to receive the Rudolphin, Storking and Teddy Bear animals. In addition, until January 12, players can participate in the Christmas World Event and win prizes by collecting Silly Sweaters with other players. These prizes include the Candy Crane, Tinsowl and Nutcracker creatures. Finally, players can spin a wheel for a chance to win the Festive Firefly.

Bakery Story 2

Bakery Story 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – This bakery simulation game from Storm8 has received a new series of holiday quests, as well as themed recipes like the Peppermint Mocha Frappe, Eggnog and Fruitcake, among others. Players can also purchase holiday tables, chairs, serving counters and decorations in the game’s store.

Frozen Frenzy Mania (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This match-three puzzle game from Storm8 has been updated with 40 new levels, which see players help a reindeer fulfill her ‘Holiday wish.’

Hungry Babies Mania

Hungry Babies Mania (Free on iOS) – This match-three puzzle game from Storm8 has been updated with a winter world containing 15 new levels. Players can also collect 12 exclusive Christmas-themed baby animals.

Trivia Crack (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This trivia game from Etermax has received a new look for the holidays, and includes Christmas-themed questions and characters, as well as snowfall during gameplay.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless runner from SEGA has been given a new look for the holidays, which includes snowy environments and Christmas objects on tracks. For a limited time, players can participate in a Christmas-themed Dr. Eggman boss battle event. Finally, a new holiday sprite, Flurry, has been added to the game.

Farm Away (Free on iOS) – This idle or clicker game from Futureplay Games has been updated with seasonal plants and creatures, which can be discovered by finding puzzles while playing. One seasonal animal, Mika, can be unlocked by loading the game multiple days in a row before the holidays.

Rival Kingdoms

Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin (Free on iOS, Android) – This base-building combat game from Space Ape Games has been updated with a new Christmas Ancient: Father Frost. In addition, players can earn Snow Sapphires from battles, and when enough Sapphires are collected, players will unlock the 2015 Christmas Tree for their kingdoms. Finally, the game has been updated with snowy decorations.

Mucho Party (Free on iOS, Android; $3.99 on Amazon) – This mini-game app from GlobZ has received a new look for the holidays, as well as a new ‘Christmas Frenzy’ mini-game. The game sees players tap on presents which match the presents in each avatar’s bubble. Additional presents are added to the screen to replace those that have been tapped.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This card battle game from Blizzard Entertainment has been updated with a Winter Veil event, which sees game boards decorated for the holidays until January 6. In addition, the game’s heroes have been given a new ‘Greetings’ emote.

Cooking Mama Let's Cook

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook (Free on iOS, Android) – This cooking game from Office Create has received a Christmas recipe pack, which can be purchased for $0.99. The pack contains two recipes, Ginger Cookies and Mashed Potato Trees, in addition to Christmas-themed design changes for the game, including a Santa outfit for Mama.

Snoopy's Town Tale

Snoopy’s Town Tale (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Players of this city-building game from Activision Publishing and Pixowl can complete new holiday quests and decorate their towns with Christmas decorations. In addition, the game has seven new Christmas-themed character animations, which see Charlie Brown wrap Christmas presents, and Sally send a letter to Santa, as examples. Finally, the new North Pole Express landmark contains eight new crafting recipes.

Cheating Tom 2

Cheating Tom 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – This level-based ‘cheating’ game from Crazy Labs has been updated with 20 new Christmas levels, which challenge players to help Tom ‘cheat’ his way off of Santa’s naughty list.


Dragonvale (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Until January 4, players of this dragon breeding game from Backflip Studios can participate in the Winter Frostival event, which includes five new dragons, including an Ornamental Dragon and Flicker Dragon, as examples. In addition, players can receive a new prize each day, leading up to the grand prize, a Dazzling Dragon. This update also includes a new Ornamental Habitat, winter-themed decorations and more.

Land Sliders (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless item collection game from Prettygreat has been updated with 15 new characters, including an elf who wants to collect tools, a reindeer that wants to collect bells and a sledder who wants to collect candy canes, as examples. While some of these characters can be earned through mystery boxes, nine can be unlocked through a special Christmas quest by finding Christmas trees while playing games. Some of these Christmas quest characters can only be found on particular days or at particular times.

Township (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This city-building game from Playrix has been updated with a new Christmas event, challenging players to help Santa find his missing presents, which have been buried by a blizzard. Players can complete orders for their townspeople to earn tools to remove the snow and ice from the event board and reveal presents. Players receive prizes when they reach certain gift collection milestones. In addition, all players can receive free premium currency if the entire community of players collects enough presents to complete the ‘global event goal.’

High School Story

High School Story (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This high school simulation game from Pixelberry Studios has been updated with new characters, including Elf classmates and Santa Claus. Players can also complete holiday quests including ‘Secret Santas,’ ‘The Rhyme Before Christmas’ and ‘It’s a Winterful Life.’ In addition, gamers can dress their classmates in holiday outfits.

Hollywood U Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising Stars (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This Hollywood-themed college simulation game from Pixelberry Studios has been updated with Elf and Figure Skater characters, as well as celebrity A-Listers including Santa Claus and Hannelina the Ice Queen. As part of this update, players can complete the ‘Santa: Behind The Beard’ quest.

Disney Descendants (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – In this life simulation game Disney and WayForward, players can select new festive avatar customization items for their character, including hair wreaths and sweaters. The game’s locations have also been decorated for the holidays.

Disney Dream Treats (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone) – This match-three puzzle game from Disney Interactive and Zindagi Games has received 20 new levels, as well as a new character, Jack Skellington, who is dressed as Santa. The game also has new holiday treats, including Jack and Sally droppers and a Santa Mickey cookie.

Bullet Boy

Bullet Boy (Free on iOS, Android) – This action game from Pomelo Games and Kongregate has received 12 Christmas-themed levels filled with snowmen, fir trees and mistletoe. These levels are played in reverse. If players complete all 12 levels, they’ll receive the penguin costume for Bullet Boy.

Raid Brigade

Raid Brigade (Free on iOS, Android) – This action game from Kongregate has been updated with snow and presents in players’ kingdoms. New heroes have also been added to the game, including Father Time and The Scrinch.

Kung Fu Pets

Kung Fu Pets (Free on iOS, Android) – Players of this animal raising and battling game from Com2uS can complete tasks in the Ice Castle Mission Island to receive two special edition pets: the Snow Queen Deer and Christmas Ent. In addition, players can obtain the Christmas Ice Habitat for Earth-element pets, and can decorate their islands with Christmas Trees and Xiaolin Snowmen.

Monster Castle

Monster Castle (Free on iOS, Android) – In this tower defense game from Sixjoy Hong Kong Limited, players’ castles have been decorated for the holidays, and players can recruit two new heroes from the Hero Portal: Rudolph and Storm Tetrisnov. This update also includes holiday sales and discounts.

Game of Dice

Game of Dice (Free on iOS, Android) – This Monopoly-style digital board game from Joycity has been updated with a new Christmas map and a special  Christmas event.

Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This match-three battle game from GungHo Online Entertainment has been updated with a Christmas dungeon called the ‘Holy Night Festival.’ The dungeon has five difficulty levels ranging from ‘Intermediate’ to ‘Super Blessed,’ and contains seven rounds of Christmas-themed monsters for players to defeat in order to earn rewards.

FarmVille 2 Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – Zynga‘s farming game has been updated with a new Christmas event, which sees players craft holiday recipes to show off their farm’s holiday spirit. If players complete every phase of this event before time runs out, they’ll have the chance to win the permanent Reindeer Dog farm hand for their farm, among other prizes. This event runs until January 3.