Gail Collins: ‘Let the National Enquirer Folks Have Their Niche’

ggdbgc.gifGail Collins and David Brooks are talking again and they’re trying to avoid talking about politics. Says Gail Collins: “Before the John Edwards affair recedes into history, should we discuss Lessons Learned?” Begging the question: are there ever any lessons learned from political affairs, beyond the fact that politicians never seem to learn their lesson? Anyway, Collins has some choice words to say regarding the media’s coverage or lack thereof of the Edwards affair.

I hope the mainstream media doesn’t decide that this means they should commit their limited investigative resources to trailing every allegation of political adultery the National Enquirer uncovers. We all have specialties in life — I’m good with letting the National Enquirer folks hang onto their niche.

This particular scandal was gaining legs just as he was losing credibility. I’d be shocked if editors had begun taking reporters off other assignments, like checking campaign donations, or trying to deconstruct the Obama and McCain economic programs, in order to prove that a guy who used to be in the race was also in the sack with a New Age videographer.