Future Publishing Sees Record Downloads on New Apple Newsstand

Late last week Apple released a new version of iOS, and one of the new parts of iOS5 was the Newsstand, which offers a new way to track the magazines and newspapers you buy. Future, a publisher with a stable of dozens of magazines, also took the opportunity last week to launch 50 new titles on the Newsstand, including titles such as T3, Total Film, Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, and Procycling. These magazines are seeing a record number of downloads.

In the 4 days since Newsstand launched, Future’s mix of free, paid-for and premium titles have attracted over two million downloads. That is far more than Future would expect to see in normal monthly revenues.

Future UK CEO Mark Wood says: “Future had sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month. It’s clear that Newsstand creates an amazing opportunity for publishers – and I’m committed to continue driving our brands through this great new distribution channel. We plan to include more sampler issues in every magazine container in coming weeks, as well as uploading high price-point bookazines and premium one-shot titles.”