Fuser Lets You Peek But Not Play

Fuser appA new Facebook application called Fuser lets you view all of your MySpace comments and messages from within Facebook. I previously reviewed a similar application that imports your Myspace profile and this one isn’t much different. The application loads a java application that automatically logs in to MySpace and scrapes all of your content. The main problem is that I can’t send my messages from within this app.

I have to be honest though, I don’t have any messages to send on MySpace but I’m sure there are Facebook users that do. For those individuals that would have a need to send MySpace messages, this application is not for you. This appears to be one of those applications that have a great idea but don’t go through the effort to complete the task. I know that it’s programatically possible to create an application that sends messages via other social networks but this company chose not to.

Then again, sending messages through various social networks from an external application is most likely a violation of the terms of service. As was the case when Robert Scoble got kicked off of Facebook for testing out the Plaxo contact import tool. Whatever the case, Fuser lets you take a look at your MySpace messages and wall posts but not respond. I think this application does not reach its full potential. If for some reason you would like to view but not respond to Myspace messages, go grab the Fuser application.