Further Distpatches from SXSWi ’09

webnewser_sxsw01.gifOver at WebNewser our managing editor Rebecca Fox, who has been braving the sometimes un-wired waters of SXSW since last Saturday, is looking back on her experiences thus far this year.

Transparency, openness and community emerged as governing themes at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference…At the same time, the conference created no small amount of cognitive dissonance for those with a mind toward the largely-unmentioned ‘e’-word here in Austin — the economy.

Other evolutions from last year’s conference: Facebook’s plunge from superstar to sad-clown status, and Twitter’s total domination and elegant absence…

Another interesting development this year is the continued dominance, yet uber-classy physical absence of Twitter from SXSW. You can’t spill a Starbucks around the Austin Convention Center’s thousands of electrical outlets and the throngs of laptop users clustered around them, feverishly juicing their laptops, without seeing at least half with either a Twitter search page or management application Tweetdeck up on their screen. And yet, Twitter brass Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Jack Dorsey are notably nowhere to be found, having elected to not attend SXSWi this year. We find this to be a savvy move emblematic of the Twitter guys’ typically understated approach.

Read Rebecca’s full take here.