FunPlus Releases Farming Game Barn Voyage on iOS

barn voyage 650

Family Farm creator FunPlus has announced the launch of Barn Voyage on iOS devices. Like Family Farm, Barn Voyage is another farming simulation game, and allows users to “create the farm of their dreams” with a hefty crafting system, hundreds of quests to complete and more.

Barn Voyage sees gamers taking over the family farm with their cousin. Users will plant crops, which can be sold for profit or used in over 100 different recipes in the game’s specialized crafting buildings. The farm is also full of animals, from cows and pigs to chickens, goats, sheep and geese. These animals need food before they’ll produce goods, so farmers can turn some of their raw crops into animal feed. Finally, players can collect fruits and nuts from trees planted around the farm.

Players earn experience points for farming and completing other in-game tasks, and will unlock more trees, crops and other items as they level-up. They can also expand the farm to unlock new buildings and features. The first is the Dairy House, which allows gamers to create dairy-based items like cream, butter and cheese. Next comes the Bakery, Yogurt Maker and so on.

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As more crafting recipes are unlocked, the recipes themselves become more complicated. That is, users may need to complete multiple recipes in order to receive the final required product for a quest or order. As an example, gamers can use milk to create cream, which can then be turned into whipped cream. Multiple recipes can be active in a building’s queue, giving the game plenty to work on while gamers might be away from the farm.

A notice board on the edge of the farm allows users to sell their goods to NPC characters for extra coins and experience points, while premium Fertilizer can be used to double the output of crops and trees for even greater productivity. Fertilizer can also be used to instantly complete item growth cycles.

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Eventually, players unlock a global market for selling their goods to other real-world players. In addition to selling, the global market menu allows users to browse their friends’ market stands and purchase their items without traveling to their friends’ farms. The global market also supports item requests, as users can browse a catalog of items they may be looking to purchase, and can advertise how much they’re willing to spend to receive them.

“Barn Voyage incorporates the best gameplay of the genre while building in compelling features that the gaming community has been seeking,” said Andy Zhong, CEO of FunPlus. “This has been an exciting year for FunPlus, and I couldn’t be more proud of our passionate global development teams who are smartly creating games that appeal to a consistently growing worldwide audience.”

Barn Voyage is now available to download for free on iOS, and will come to Android in August.