Funnyman Cooper Leaps Back into Journalism

mtp-cooper-rove.jpg Had Matt Cooper ever really left?

It was only a matter of time until Cooper, who left journalism in late 2009 for a brief foray into a senior advisory position for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, would return. In December 2009 he had been working for The Atlantic and Talking Points Memo. At the time, he described it as a “short break.”

Now he’ll be NJ‘s Managing Editor, where, says Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier, he’ll lead a “major beat team to be determined.”

As mentioned in Politico‘s Playbook by Mike Allen this morning, Fournier suggested in his internal memo that Cooper’s new coworkers ask him to do his Bill Clinton imitation (Cooper was named Washington’s funniest comedian back in 1998.)

But for now, no funny stuff. Cooper said he’s relieved to not be competing against some at NJ. He gave his former boss, Atlantic Media‘s Publisher David Bradley, a giant shout-out. “Ron Brownstein and Ron Fournier aren’t just old friends,” he said in an NJ statement. “They’re the best of the best journalists. I’m so happy to be working with them rather than competing against them. And it’s great to be back working for David Bradley, a great owner who has turned the Watergate into a citadel of journalistic integrity and reinvention.”

Congrats to Cooper!
Read the internal memo after the jump…


Please join me in welcoming a new managing editor to our leadership team: Matt Cooper.

Matt has held reporting and editorial positions at several of Washington’s most respected news organizations. He has served as White House Correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, deputy Washington Bureau Chief for Newsweek, deputy Washington Bureau Chief and White House Correspondent for Time and Politics Editor for Matt has also been an Editor for Washington Monthly and The New Republic, Washington Editor for Conde Nast Portfolio, Politics Correspondent for, and Editor-at-Large for

Matt is leaving his current position as Senior Advisor to the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission to join the soon-to-be-unified National Journal Group newsroom, where he’ll lead a major beat team to be determined.

A personal note: Matt was once named “Washington’s Funniest Celebrity.” Go ahead: ask him to do his Bill Clinton.

Above all, please join me in welcoming Matt to the team:

More to come!