Funny New Facebook Services

A site called Facebook Business Solutions is a pretty funny example of some false Facebook advertising services for businesses. I have included the pictures of the services below but I thought I would highly some of the best ones. Facebook Surf enables brands to track their customers every move across the web. Not only will they know which sites they have visited but they will also know how much time was spent at each one.

“Facebook Recycle” is another funny one. It displays all of a user’s trashed files from their personal computer into their newsfeed. One of the funniest quotes from the recycle application description is, “The last thing Facebook wants to be for the user is intrusive. We have designed the Facebook Recycle Application to be very clean and neat, and to sit nicely on any user’s Profile Page. It runs quietly in the background, collecting data from the user’s personal computer, and requires a minimal amount of RAM.” This one is definitely less intrusive than Facebook Beacon 😉

“Facebook Receipt” keeps physical copies of each of your physical receipts from purchases in stores. This is valuable data for advertisers! “Facebook Locate” enables brands to track their customer’s every move. And for that worst case scenario, “If the user heads in the opposite direction of your store, don’t give up! Facebook Locate will then begin to text various sales deals and promotions that you provide us.” Yes, Facebook Locate will bombard the consumer with advertisements enticing them to change direction and return to your store.

If you aren’t making purchases in my brand’s store all day long then you aren’t spending as much as you could! Check out the screenshots below. One thing that I should note is that this site is not affiliated with Facebook. They have literally duplicated the design of Facebook and as such I would assume that they will soon receive cease and desist letters in the coming days.

Facebook Surf
Facebook Surf Screenshot

Facebook Image Scan
Facebook Image Scan

Facebook Recycle
Facebook Recycle Screenshot

Facebook Diary
Facebook Diary Screenshot