Funambol, Amobee Deploy Ad-funded Mobile E-Mail

Funambol is integrating its open-source mobile 2.0 e-mail client with mobile advertising technology from Amobee Media Systems to create an ad-funded mobile e-mail solution.

The pair plan to market the joint offering to operators and service providers as a way for them to make a lot of money from mass-market mobile e-mail.

The combo also makes the e-mail free to consumers who are willing to receive the ads. Heck, there’s so much spam out there anyway, why not get some ads that will actually be relevant?

In techie terms, the Funambol/Amobee solution integrates Amobee’s Handset Application Programming Interface (HAPI) with Funambol’s Java ME (JAM) push e-mail client. This enables ads from members of the Amobee Network to be displayed and acted upon by Funambol JAM users. The Amobee Media Network ensures that the ads and brands displayed in users’ mobile e-mail adhere to the editorial control and production standards of operators and service providers that deploy the solution.

“Mobile e-mail is the ultimate killer app for mobile, and with an ad-supported model, people around the world can now more cost-effectively access consumer and work e-mail, contacts and calendars on their mobile devices,” Funambol CEO Fabrizio Capobianco said.