Full Moon Enters Into Agreement With Half Moon for Sale of TWT


No more goodnight moon. Breaking News: Total f–king eclipse at TWT!! Father Moon and son have finally come together in agreement over the sale of the publication.

After months of bickering followed by another month of heated letters, Father Moon (formally called Sun Myung Moon) and son, Preston, have entered into “terms of agreement” regarding the sale of TWT. Details remain murky. However, sources close to the situation say the deal is proceeding pending a 30-day “due diligence” period.

For the last 10 months Preston has been keeping the paper alive with money from his own pocket, believing he was promised future funding. Father Moon has now sought to regain control of the paper and hopes to restore it to its former glory.

TWT will not shut down for 30 days as previously predicted by bloggers and reporters around Washington this week. Should the deal go through, this is expected to be good news for TWT editorial staffers.

“I won’t predict the future, but this is the beginning of a promising business deal,” TWT Editor Sam Dealey told FishbowlDC.

More details to come…