Fuffr developing smartphone case to expand your touchscreen to your table

fuffr touchscreen

Mobile interface touchscreens can be pretty small compared to the available space of a working environment like your desk, which is why we’re dreaming of this neat phone case from Fuffr. The product is still very fresh in development, but the video below shows great potential for everyday use for both games and productivity apps.

There’s not a lot of details about the hardware or software behind the new technology for expanding touchscreens beyond the mobile device, but here’s the startup’s vague blurb:

Fuffr is a small team dedicated to broaden the way people interact with handheld devices. Through cutting edge technology Fuffr allows for touch on any surface outside of the screen, paving the way for fresher, better and more interactive user experience. We want to unlock the true potential of your mobile device!

From appearances, the phone case/device is a sensor that uses Bluetooth to communicate with the phone. This transmission allows the phone to take input from 3D space, but it’s not clear whether Fuffr is ready for non-tabletop manipulation. Overall it acts like Leap Motion for iPhone, which could hold a lot of potential.

Interested developers should consult the API for product updates.