FTC Complaint Being Filed Against Facebook

According to MediaPost, the Electronic Privacy Information Center plans on filing an FTC complaint against Facebook regarding their SocialAds service as well as Facebook Beacon. A number of companies have been hopping on the bandwagon that was started by MoveOn.org just a few days ago.

According to the article, “‘Part of what Facebook is doing is taking from people the value of their endorsements, which traditionally is something that people can be compensated for, and selling it back to their advertisers,’ says EPIC Executive Director Marc Rotenberg.” This issue has already been brought up and questions about its legality have already been published.

Suddenly Facebook has come under fire for their new services that test the limits of user privacy. While this may eventually blow over, I think something has got to give before everything settles down. Most likely, I envision Facebook adding the global opt-out feature that a lot of users have been calling on Facebook to add to their Beacon service. Do you think these new allegations will be heard by the FTC?

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