FrontierVille Rises to the Top of This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Facebook Games by DAU

This week’s list of fastest growing games on Facebook by daily active users (DAU) is based upon a short week, as Facebook has not updated their traffic information for the last four days. According to AppData, our tracking service that monitors the top Facebook games and applications, FrontierVille is back on top this week with a gain of just under 300,000 DAU. While the game has been increasing in monthly players over the past few months, its DAU has remained mostly steady and its retention is up around 28% — meaning that FrontierVille is holding onto their dedicated players but sloughing off others.

Another familiar title, PopCap’s Zuma Blitz has also started to gain again after dipping the previous week. Hovering around 975,000 DAU, it’s possible that we’ll see Zuma Blitz has actually grown over 1 million DAU again once Facebook updates their numbers.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
1. FrontierVille5,852,313+296,163+5%
2. Daily Horoscope295,898+290,897+5,817%
3. Bejeweled Blitz3,902,894+146,734+4%
4. Bubble Shooter92,120+86,461+1,528%
5. 德州撲克(中文版)664,808+78,122+13%
6. Monster World1,239,233+77,058+7%
7. Zuma Blitz974,359+52,233+6%
8. Brain Buddies199,580+41,130+26%
9. Is Cool511,249+37,346+8%
10. Traveler IQ Challenge40,736+36,979+984%
11. TKO Deutschland35,642+34,428+2,836%
12. Hangi Takımın Daha Çok Taraftarı Var?31,912+31,035+3,539%
13. 瘋狂骰子(中文版)71,074+28,722+68%
14. Games1,532,773+27,565+2%
15. Ravenwood Fair1,081,379+25,609+2%
16. 無限德州撲克47,578+23,647+99%
17. SCRABBLE398,657+22,919+6%
18. 小小戰爭744,297+22,509+3%
19. 雄霸三國25,642+21,092+464%
20. Kungfu Online21,640+18,811+665%

Bubble Shooter is a brand new game by French developer Wooliz along the same line of gameplay as Bubble Pop or Bubble Island. The objective of the game is to shoot multicolored furry critters with faces at other critters of the same color. Matches of at least 3 of the same color will cause those bubbles to disappear, with the ultimate goal being to clear the board as fast as possible. There is nothing new about the mechanics of Bubble Shooter, but it is nicely polished and rather fun to play. Being added to the Applifier cross-promotion bar appears to have helped Bubble Shooter launch into upward growth with 86,451 new users joining up to play in the last week.

Scrabble isn’t new to the world of gaming, nor to Facebook; either way, the officially-sanctioned Electronic Arts title hasn’t really skyrocketed into success. At its peak, Scrabble has only reached 1.2 million MAU and 407,000 DAU, numbers that it hovers just below today. For a large developer such as EA and a massively mainstream title, it’s surprising that Scrabble hasn’t really been a powerhouse in the social gaming world. The game tries to use a combination of asynchronous and realtime play in an effort to give players options, however for those who want to find a public match to join will find the available game list to be empty more often than not. Words for Friends seems to have proven that it’s not just the big name that matters; games have to be truly built socially for the platform they are distributed on. Scrabble saw a 6% increase in DAU over the last partial week.

The data in this post comes via AppData, our data service tracking growth and trends across the Facebook platform.

Tami Baribeau is Senior Community Manager at ZipZapPlay and a contributor to Inside Social Games.