From the Editorial Nitpick Dept. …


The Washington Examiner‘s J.P. Freire, associate editor of the Commentary section, has a bone to pick with journalists who don’t reference President Obama correctly in first and subsequent mentions in their stories. (He also has a problem with presidents who question FNC’s legitimacy, but that’ll be noted in graph two).

In a weekend tweet, he instructed:

Stylistic note: When referencing Barack Obama as doing something as pres, pls include his title on first ref. and then only use last name.

When pressed, Freire expanded on his thoughts: “When referring to the president doing something as president, people should refer to him as President Obama, and then Obama thereafter. Referring to him merely by his name — Barack Obama — has the whiff of questioning the legitimacy of his presidency.

“Considering that the president has no problem questioning the legitimacy of Fox News as a news organization, it’s better to take the higher road and recognize that he is president — with all the muddled, living-Constitution hamfistedness that comes of modern presidents who think ‘limited powers’ is a rhetorical flourish for use only by those not occupying the White House.”