From the Basement to the Bank: Blogs Are Not the Enemy!

juliamaster.jpg“Most people haven’t done this yet,” says SixApart Vice-President Anil Dash, “including media companies.” Hard to believe, but true according to Dash who was among the speakers talking to Circus attendees about “Blogging.” Despite the bad name “blogs” get (he suggests publishers might want to name it something else) Dash made the point that if one goes through internet success stories “blogs are winning…Bloggers are not trying to take down the newspaper industry many of them came from journalism school as a matter of fact. The internet is just a medium.”

Elisa Camahort founder of Blogher, stressed the aspect of community that blogging can create saying that “53% of women online are reading blogs and that over half of them say they would give up alcohol over the internet.” (Only 20% would give up chocolate…though who would agree to such a cruel test, we don’t know).

Noah Shachtman who writes the “Danger Room” blog, which covers national security over at Wired, says that it was important for him to “latch onto an established magazine” in order to be successful. But that the blogs at Wired are the main reason for the enormous jump in page views the site has experienced in the last year and a half. Also, Shachtman literally started out in his basement.