FriendFeed Rolls Out New Interface, Reduces Feed Noise As Well

We’ve given you a preview of the new FriendFeed interface design which was being tested by FriendFeed during our previous post. Lucky for FriendFeed their new interface design was well received by users and did not receive any objections or whatsoever. Not unlike the recently implemented Facebook interface design. And so, with not too much hype and buzz, FriendFeed has shifted to its new look.

Major change with the new FriendFeed interface is the ability for members to create category lists for their FriendFeed subscriptions. It’s not really a big feature but nonetheless very helpful if you have to many feed subscriptions. With this new feature, you can immediately check out the latest feeds from a specific group. You can create as many groups as you want and put FriendFeed contacts in as many groups as possible. You can also add a contact from your main FriendFeed homepage and just let them sit in their specific group. Hence, uncluttering your main FriendFeed account.

Other new features in the new FriendFeed interface include; the ability to post photos directly to FriendFeed, similar to Facebook, a sidebar navigation, and a feature to view FriendFeed similar to how your contacts view it. This can feature can be access by going to a friend’s profile and clicking on the “Friend’s name + Friends” tab.

And finally, perhaps the best new feature introduced by FriendFeed is the duplicate detection. This new feature identifies feeds that have similar topics and displays them together. Hence, you won’t be seeing feeds scattered through your daily FriendFeed reading only to find out that you’ve already read about it from another contact’s feeds. Hence, less FriendFeed noise. The lesser the noise, the better the service would be.

Heads up to Brett and his crew for these new developments in FriendFeed, and more please!