Friendfeed kicks out Room feature

friendfeed_logo.jpgIt was only a couple of months ago when we covered lifestreaming service Friendfeed. Since then, it has gradually emerged as a top web 2.0 service that caters to everyone’s lifestreaming needs. Friendfeed continues to shower us with useful features that make our web life simpler, easier to manage and aggregate. The most recent of these features is the Friendfeed’s Room.

friendfeedrotorblogroom.jpgDon’t bother yourself thinking what Friendfeed’s room is all about. It’s simple feature that lets you create a mini Friendfeed within your Friendfeed account. You can create as many Rooms as you want, invite as many members as you want to join your room, and discuss whatever topic you want to discuss. You can even specify which of your feeds gets into your Room and which gets into your main feed account. And just like a real room, you can let anybody in or restrict everybody out.

But unlike real rooms, it doesn’t take that much time to create a Friendfeed room. All you have to do is click on the “rooms” tab on your main Friendfeed account, give your room a name, indicate whether to make this a private or public room, invite your Friendfeed friends to your room or invite anyone, and that’s it. You can now enjoy your own Friendfeed room.

If you want to see how a room like, check out this special Friendfeed room I created for all of you our dear Rotorblog readers.