Friday Wrap-Up: Your Favorite Stories, The Week In Cartoons, And More Links

nomeansno.pngBy Sarah Kaufman – used with permission.

(Does no really mean no?)

Our top story this week was of the journo-turned-flack-turned-back-to-journo, whose editor welcomed him back with open arms. Sometimes you can go back.

Other notable posts:
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The White House Is Hiring A Social Media Archivist?

You all liked Doing The Job To Win The Job and shared your stories of actual tryouts. We’re calling out commenter HButterfield as the comment of the week:

Many years ago I had a two-day tryout as a reporter on a then-Gannett newspaper in California. Hated the town but loved the lively newsroom and coworkers. After the first day, I telephoned a friend and said I wouldn’t want to work there because the area was so depressing (lots of smog, no cultural amenities). But since I had started two stories for the tryout, I would stick around to finish them. I ended up getting the job and staying for 14 years.

Several months ago, now a downsized journalist, I interviewed at a large state bureaucracy (not in California). Two women and a man sat around a tiny table, held papers in front of them, and read off interview questions in monotone voices. The “interview” lasted 30 minutes. I wanted to run screaming from the building, but that would not have been professional.

And, some weekend reading material:

Happy Friday, y’all.