Friday the 13th!


  • is covering the fact that because it’s Friday the 13th that means Yisrayl “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins prediction that the world was going to end on Thursday the 12th is now incorrect. Bummer for him, now the polygamy charges might stick.
  • AP has the headline, “Ron Paul says campaign to ‘shift gears'”. Like from first to reverse? Oh Paul, you’ll always be the Tom Tancredo of Texas to us.
  • Speaking of head-scratching campaigns, Mike Huckabee has signed on with Fox News. Now that he has a job he can pay back the $5000 his contributors gave him to run for president.
  • LA Times reports that a woman accused of stalking John Cusack will undergo a psych examinations. We just want to stop all the rumors right now and say that it’s not Mayrav. She has yet to be caught.