Friday Photo: Ask the Locals

(Davi Russo).jpgIn this week’s Friday Photo, we remind you that tonight is the opening of artist and designer Chris Rubino’s “limited tourist attraction” in New York City’s Times Square. As we told you last week, “The Center of Something” will riff on the souvenir shop in the heart of tourist country and show off Rubino’s take on New York as a destination for both visiting and living. Rubino, who exhibits his excellent eye for images in the “Something I Saw This Week” feature of his website, sent us this photo by NYC-based photographer and art director Davi Russo to help us get in the mood for tonight’s opening festivities. For a closer look at that cockroach t-shirt (and to swoon over that Leon Neon color palette), click “continued…” for a larger version of the photo.

(Davi Russo).jpg
Photograph: Davi Russo