Friday Morning Laughs – How To Walk Through a Glass Door

This week’s funny video roundup includes a new viral hoax, a silly bird video, dinosaurs, pranks and the Robopocalypse! Enjoy!

TGIF!  The weekend is just around the corner and our Friday Morning Laughs is here, as usual, to help you close out the workweek with a smile on your face.  This week’s funny video roundup includes a new viral hoax, a silly bird video, dinosaurs, pranks and the Robopocalypse!  Enjoy!

Rob Dyrdek shows Steelo Chronicle Movie Like Superpower

This morning what appears to be a hoax to promote the movie Chronicle or DC Shoes (or both).  It features Rob Dyrdek showing off just how easy it is to walk through a glass door.  The video description says, “This is an old trick that I was shown back in the day… Not many people do it today because glass it expensive.  You have to be committed.”

Now, it seems pretty obvious that this is fake…but you never know, right?  Are you willing to try it out and see if it works?  If you do, be sure to document it with a video! hehe…

Steller’s Jay Peanut Collect

It’s amazing what a few 80s video game sound effects can do…

Troll high-fiving people in Pisa

If you’ve ever visited the leaning tower of Pisa then you’ve probably had a friend take the infamous picture of you holding up the tower.  In this video a guy goes around high fiving people that are trying to pose.  Hilarious.

Giant Robot Dinosaur Scares Zack

2 and a half year-old Zack loves dinosaurs but he’s never seen one that’s bigger than he is before.  When he sees a big mechanical T-Rex for the first time his reaction is priceless.  Run!!!

How To Survive A Robot Uprising (aka Robopocalypse)

Are you ready for the Robopocalypse?  This fun new video from Epipheo Studios will make sure you’re prepared for a robot uprising.


Finally, we’re including this video of brothers Joshua and Johnathan Gerard dancing to dubstep because, well, it’s awesome.  Have a great weekend!

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