Friday Afternoon Future of Newspapers News Dump

050612_badnewsbears_ex.jpgYou know, it’s summer and there’s not that much of it left and soon enough it’ll be September and we’ll all have to return to the real world, or as close an approximation as the Internet allows. Now’s the time for Michael Phelps in speedo bathing suits, and allowing the National Enquirer its very short day in the sun. To that end we thought we’d do our own version of the Friday afternoon news dump and save all the bad news for one post that you can glance over before jumping on the Jitney, or whatever (in our case the subway, but still, it’s Friday!). So here you go. We’ll even put it after the jump for you.

  • Gannett, which publishes USA Today, is eliminating 1,000 positions, or three percent of its work force, from its local newspapers around the U.S. and “may cut more if those conditions persist.”
  • McLatchy sent out a press release yesterday saying its plans to freeze wages for the entire company next year. McLatchy purchased Knight Ridder in 2006.
  • Cox Enterprises is selling everything but the kitchen sink, because clearly there is a market for local papers.
  • Portland many no longer even have a daily newspaper if things continue along this path.