French Kindle Store Now Open

Yesterday’s Google eBookstore launch in the UK has been overshadowed this morning as Amazon adds another territory to the Kindle Store. Google is going to have to hustle if it wants to keep up with Amazon.

This morning’s launch comes just under 4 years after the launch of Kindle in the US, and just a few  months after the launch of the German Kindle Store. As of this morning, the French Kindle Store has just over 800,000 titles with around 35 thousand French-language titles, including all 28 L’Express best sellers available as eBooks. The store also has over 4,000 free French classics and reportedly hundreds of graphic novels.

Amazon also formally launched the K4 in France today. Readers can buy the new Kindle from for 99€ ($133), and it is due to ship on 14 October. The K4 has been localized fro the Frnch market with a French language dictionary as well as the User Guide, tip sheet, and everything you might expect with the English-language Kindle. It comes as no surprise that Amazon planned to launch in France with the K4; this eReader had the option of offering the French docs when it first launched a few weeks ago (as well as Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese).

Amazon also expanded the Kindle publishing platform to France today, at long last. French authors and publishers can now access the KDP site in their native french by visiting More importantly, Amazon is also extending the 70% royalty option to eBooks sold in France.

Speaking of the competition, Kobo is also planning a French eBookstore, but it’s not yet ready to launch. It looks like Kobo has around 26 thousand free French eBooks, but only 46 paid one.