Free(dom) Falling: Heavy security concerns with One World Trade Center

freedom tower

If only this chick could protect the Freedom Tower. I mean, she is staring at it.

The past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for the NYPD, the City of New York, and specifically, the “most heavily secure building in America,” One World Trade Center.

As what is believed to be the terrorist’s top target for evil, everyone in this country would consider this place to be guarded like Fort Knox (or even the government secrets the Kardashians have because they’re still out there for some dumb reason).

However, if you consider the litany of bad PR and astounding security breaches that have taken place recently at One World Trade Center, it would be easy to see how the idiot who tried to blow up his own stank boxer shorts on a plane could be successful at this hallowed site.

And now, we have a half-blind security guard … who was caught on video falling asleep on the job. Wait, what?!

sleeping guard.jpgMeet Abdul Basher, 65, of Queens, and now, the latest unemployment statistic in America. (And yes, you will see a whole unnecessary “hiring a Muslim at this place” slant on a certain TV network soon.)

Basher has been working a little overtime lately, so he figured no one would be too terribly concerned if he caught a little shut-eye. You know? At the base of One World Trade Center. And by the way, Basher was the latest recipient for Security Guard of the Year. (No joke. He really was.)

This is only the latest in a slew of horrendous PR for One WTC.

First, we have four goobers who decided they just had to base jump from the top of One WTC at 3 a.m. and land in the middle of lower Manhattan. They were arrested but by then, who cares. Then, there was Justin Casquejo, 16, of Weehawken, N.J. Dude crawled through a 12″ x 12″ hole in the exterior fence, got in One WTC, and walked all the way to the top of the 1,776-foot-tall building. And then, we have a little more ratings grab by CNN when two of its producers — Yon Pomreneze and Connor Fieldman Boals, if you need them — were arrested for trying to sneak into One WTC. 

And then Abdul’s catnap and his admission to the New York Post of “Sometimes I cannot recognize people, stairs. That post was so hard to cover for me. It was very, very stressful. I could barely see half of the lobby.”

That was all the entire city needed to force its denizens to throw their hands in the air and wave them like they just don’t care. The New York and New Jersey Port Authority are supposedly “investigating security measures” at One World Trade, but considering terrorists that hate this country are smarter than the average bear — or 16-year-old punk, four idiot adrenaline junkies, an overworked security sluggard, and two dolts jonesing for a scoop — this is a serious cause for concern.

Crisis communications 101 says “Be prepared,” at least it was when we wrote that very thing the other week. Someone share this article for the bigwigs in the Big Apple. Maybe they need a refresher.