Free Press Cuts 22

The Detroit Free Press eliminated another 22 jobs from its newsroom, reports Richard Prince at the Maynard Institute.

The names:
Desiree Cooper, columnist
Nichole Christian, editorial writer
Sharon Wilmore, an assistant managing editor
Nate Trela, an assistant metro editor
Laura Varon Brown, Audience editor and columnist, who responded to readers’ questions about the paper
Javan Kienzle, copy editor
Fred Fluker, graphic artist
Christy Arboscello, reporter
Emilia Askari, reporter
Dan Cortez, reporter
Kim North Shine, reporter
Amy Butters, copy editor
Janice Monarrez and Julie Armstrong, Web editors
Paul Barrett and Bernie Czarniecki, sports agate editors
Marty Westman, artist
Rodney Curtis, assistant photo editor

Prince raised questions about the diversity of the remaining staff, as 15 of those who lost their jobs are women, six are African American, two are Hispanic and two are Asian.

Prince says Paul Anger, the Free Press’ editor and publisher, did not respond to a question about whether newsroom diversity had increased or decreased.

In the 2009 ASNE diversity survey, the Freep reported 29.5 percent journalists of color, which is…actually, a lot higher than most newsrooms.