Free File Hosting and Sharing With DivShare

Host and share your digital media, regardless of format type, without long and annoying downloads. DivShare offers free, unlimited hosting, auto-converting your items to embeddable Flash. Now accessing and viewing items are easy for both you and your Web site’s visitors.With over 137,000 registered users uploading 12,000 new files every day, the site recently hit the 2 millionth file landmark.

Files are never deleted and the company states that reliability and speed are of paramount importance, and so far, users seem to be pleased.

divshareIn the coming days, the Cupertino, California-based company plans to launch an iPhone app that will allow users to view, share and send documents.

The company is banking on making money solely from advertising.

There is also a pay version: DivShare Direct. This allows users to drive viral traffic back to their Web site with customizable and embeddable players for all types of media. You can add links and logos and take control of your content. The first month is free. Afterwards, you can expect to pay between $5 and $50 a month depending on how much direct storage you require.

For large businesses and publications, DivShare offers powerful and flexible enterprise solutions that provide fully branded, easy-to-use hosting for video, audio and other files.

An API that will allow developers to interact with DivShare within their own applications is now in beta testing. If you’re a DivShare fan and Web developer, and want to give it a test run, contact their team at