Frank Gehry to Move Company to Near-Beachfront Property


Goodbye West Los Angeles, hello El Segundo. Starchitect Frank Gehry has decided that things have gotten to cramped around Gehry Partners it seems, so he’s announced that he’s picking up his staff and moving them into a larger, 60,000 square foot building in the costal town just south of where the company is at now. The move doesn’t take place until early next year, but in the interim, just to make sure they have plenty of room to stretch their legs and Gehry can mold crazy things out of clay that will later be cast in steel and sold for millions, they’re also planning to add an additional 15,000 square feet onto the building. Here are a few more details:

Because of continuing growth in demand for its services, Gehry Partners has outgrown its 44,000 square foot studio space on Beatrice Street in West Los Angeles, which was also developed in partnership with NSB Associates. That space will be taken by TBWA\Chiat\Day, which already occupies 45,000 square feet in the building.

The El Segundo property that will be the new home of Gehry Partners includes a total of 154,000 square feet of land, providing ample parking and potential for future expansion, said [NSB’s CEO Lawrence Field]. The warehouse-style structures were built in the 1960s, and have 20-foot ceilings.