This Week’s WTF Moment In the News

Man kills wife. We share. And Share. And share.

Yesterday in Miami, Derek Medina shot his wife to death and then posted a picture of her body on Facebook with a message that he was going to die and that he’ll miss all his friends. Obvious shock followed, as did the disgust. But here’s the worst part, from CNN: “The disgust did not prevent the commenters from sharing Medina’s photo. Again and again.” Get that? Again and again. We’ve turned ourselves into monsters.

Overworked? Need some vacation? Got a match?

We all need time off, but…

We’ve all had those days where we just don’t want to be at work. Some of us pretend to be sick, some of us volunteer for jury duty, some of us, like Casey James Fury set fire to our workplaces. His just happened to be a nuclear attack submarine worth more than $400 million. This story is a bit old, but we have some movement. Not only has Fury been ordered to pay for the damage to the sub, he’s been sentenced to prison for 17 years (and no, he will not earn enough in prison to repay the debt). But the craziest part? Largely thanks to things like the manufactured political drama that is sequestration, the Navy can’t afford to fix it—so CNN says it’s being retired.

Don’t go into the water 

Not surprisingly we like fishy stories. Caleb Newton, a Virginia man, caught the biggest northern snakehead “Frankenfish” on record this week, a fish so-named because it looks like a snake and has teeth and eats everything in its path and is generally terrifying. “It took me about a minute to get it in the boat,” he’s quoted as saying. The catch has actually snagged Newton two world records, according to the Fredericksburg Free-lance Star—the all tackle record and the record for 20lb line class. If you’re wondering, this fish is native to Asia and only appeared in Maryland a few years back. It’s considered one of the most invasive species in the U.S. at the moment, mostly for the horrible movies it’s spawned.