FP’s Glasser: “Mike Allen’s Got Nothing on Us”

In a memo to staff this morning, FP Editor Susan Glasser praised Josh Keating and David Kenner for the growth of “Morning Brief,” the magazine’s daily email that has grown to 50,000 subscribers.  Glasser joked that “Mike Allen has nothing on our [FP‘s] amazing Morning Brief duo/iron men of world news,” citing the New York Times magazine piece that quoted Allen’s pre-fame following at around 30,000 subscribers. 

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From:Susan Glasser
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 10:08 AM
To:FPEd; FP Cust. Serv.
Subject: tell playbook the news…

Mike Allen’s got nothing on our amazing Morning Brief duo/iron men of world news Josh Keating and David Kenner… FP’s must-read daily email now has 50,000 subscribers, and it didn’t even take them a cover story in the New York Times magazine to get there (though of course I think they’d make a great subject).Before his MSM fame, you’ll recall, Mike spread the playbook news to a “a rough universe of 30,000 interested drivers, passengers and eavesdroppers to the conversation.” So maybe the morning brief’s success is proof that people really are interested in the world.

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Susan Glasser

Editor | Foreign Policy