FP Killing It, Glasser Overjoyed

Susan Glasser was named editor-in-chief of Foreign Policy only two months ago and already the magazine’s success is surpassing her goals for the year.

With a record 1.3 million views yesterday alone and Glasser’s addition of new features and contributors like Steve Levine and his “Oil and Glory” blog that debuted this month, 10 million monthly page views doesn’t seem like a lofty goal.

In announcing ForeignPolicy.com’s record-breaking day, Glasser’s memo said, “This is an incredible accomplishment — and a true team effort. With this powerhouse launch of our new failed states special issue, we’ve taken this annual feature to a whole new level, thanks to everybody’s hard work, from Beth’s great assigning and editing to make the issue happen to Bryan’s amazing design and the group effort to translate it all online (thanks Andrew!).”

When contacted for comment, a spokeswoman for FP told FishbowlDC, “We’re not pretentious enough to think we’ve broken the code to making money on the web, but we’re certainly having fun trying.”