Fox News to Launch ‘Bret Baier’ Webcast

Fox News will on Mar. 11 launch a live 15-minute Webcast on following the conclusion of Special Report with Bret Baier at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Special Report online with Bret Baier, which is scheduled to run each Wednesday going forward, will feature Baier and his guests continuing their discussion online. During the Webcast, viewers will be able to directly submit questions to Baier, who’ll be seated with laptop at the ready.

According to Jeff Misenti, vp of Fox News Digital, more and more viewers are clamoring to actively play a part in their favorite Fox News shows—particularly ones that feature lively debate. “People want to interact with their favorite hosts,” he said. “You can really say I participated in this conversation.”

Live news shows have been popping up on the Web with great frequently of late. presented a series of live Webcasts hosted by anchor Katie Couric during the presidential election, which lead to the recent launch of the weekly live series Washington Unplugged. Fox Business Network recently rolled out the daily noon series Live. And sister network Fox News has been particularly aggressive on this front, streaming nine hours of live coverage each weekday via The Strategy Room.

We put our foot in, not just our toe during the election with The Strategy Room,” said Misenti. It’s likely that Fox will continue to experiment with more live events and series. “You can definitely see an expansion of this.”