Fox News' America's Election HQ Hits App Store for $0.99

Fox News rolled out its first paid iPhone app, Fox News’ America’s Election HQ, which is currently available in the App Store for $0.99, paidContent reported.

Fox News’ America’s Election HQ will offer premium politics-related news and opinion through Election Day, Nov. 2, continuously updated, according to paidContent. Other features include a newsletter called Power Play and a map outlining the midterm elections and how they will affect Democrats and Republicans in the House, Senate, and governor races.

Senior vice president of news and editorial Michael Clemente told paidContent:

We decided to do this because people who are intensely interested in politics are interested in Fox News. Politics is a strength for us. And on the mobile app end, it’s a fairly open space. In terms of the major players, you have Mike Allen at Politico and ABC’s The Note.

It’s an enhanced version of the free Fox News app, as well as what’s on the channel. We’ll have a mix of items that are on our other screens, as well. Viewers don’t want 16 different ways to access Fox News, and we want to make it easy on them. I think the app will be unique and comprehensive for users interested in how the political races are shaping up across the country.