Fox and Friends: “Women tend to be a little nutty”

bridezilla 1.jpgFox News has a segment right now on “How not to be a Bridezilla,” with some helpful tips from a rep like “remember that this is a happy thing” and “use the internet.” While these helpful tips are being dispensed, brides in full regalia are being taught a lesson, dammit, by dunking each other in a dunk tank on 6th Avenue. Except that the dunk tank has a see-through panel on the front so they have inadvertently created a peep-show on Sixth Avenue, and also, are those dresses see through? Doozy wants to know. And by the way these aren’t actual brides, they’re WeddingChannel interns. So really, the lesson they’re being taught is that when working for WeddingChannnel you need to be prepared to flash a little leg for the national audience.

Doozy really seems excited about the fact that the dresses are see through. Then he asks if the interns are free on Friday. Eeeewww, like two seconds ago he just interviewed his teenage daughter. Doozy, step away from the dunk tank.

Anyhow, I’m learning with Fox this morning, so when the time comes I won’t be a bridezilla, as long as the bridesmaids do what they’re fucking told. I said periwinkle, dammit! Bitch, you look fat in that dress.

Salacious semi-see-through photos after the jump.

seethrough 1.jpg

seethrough 2.jpg