foursquare Invades Campus … Every Campus

foursquare is enrolling in college — every college, worldwide. The location-based mobile app announced on its blog that foursquare university badges can now be activated on every campus throughout the world. The blog post read:

In the first three months of the foursquare on campus program, we partnered with more than 100 schools and saw, to our amazement, more than 25,000 badge unlocks. But what’s far more impressive is that we got requests from students at about 1,200 other campuses to bring foursquare to their school. So we’re doing just that: foursquare university badges can be activated on every campus, worldwide. Starting today, it’s not just for schools we’ve partnered with. Now you’ll all be able to wear your Munchies badge with pride (and it may even get you a discount the next time you grab lunch in between classes).

We also continue to be bowled over by how many of you want to help make foursquare a bigger part of your campus life. We’ve seen students ousting professors who hold Mayorships, organizing swarm parties, and leaving insider tips around campus. Even Big Boi took the time to check in at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and helped break a record! So, in that spirit, we’re introducing a way for students to get more directly involved: the foursquare University Ambassador program. If you’d like to help increase your campus’ presence, build the foursquare community, or just rep for foursquare, sign up here!