Foursaken Media Launches All Is Lost on iOS

The running game challenges players to rescue humans on large space stations by navigating environments using swipe controls.

Foursaken Media announced the release of All Is Lost on iOS. The running game takes players to the distant future, where they’re challenged to rescue humans on large space stations by navigating environments using swipe controls.

In each level of All Is Lost, the current survivor runs automatically, leaving players to swipe up or down with one finger to jump over or roll under obstacles, and swipe left, right, up or down with another finger to manipulate objects like doors and platforms, as examples.

Players are guided through environments by swipe prompts, and they have a limited number of attempts to rescue each survivor before they’re lost.

Each time players fail a prompt, they must begin the current stage from the beginning. If players run out of attempts for a survivor, they can watch a video ad to revive them for one last chance. If players fail to save the survivor in the next run, they are lost, and players must move on to the next person.

In addition to the level-based campaign, players can try the game’s endless mode, which challenges them to survive as long as they can. The game also includes 40 achievements for players to unlock.

All is Lost is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is coming soon to Android.

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