Fournier Back To AP: The Announcement

AP Executive Editor Kathleen Carroll has announced the return of veteran political reporter Ron Fournier to The Associated Press. Below is her announcement.

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I’m delighted to tell you that veteran political journalist Ron Fournier is returning to The Associated Press in the newly created role of Online Political Editor.

    His primary responsibilities will be developing new approaches to political and election coverage online, working with AP’s news, multimedia and revenue groups.

    Ron also will contribute to that coverage, bringing his sharp eye and multimedia experience to analysis and some new storytelling on this important topic. There, he will work closely with AP’s Political Editor, Donna Cassata, under the direction of Washington Bureau Chief Sandy Johnson.

    Longer range, Ron will drive a new coverage focus on accountability and governing.

    People want all kinds of information about the candidates and the issues so they can decide who next will lead them. In this exciting new role, Ron will help find new ways to deliver that information, building on the strong work of the AP journalists covering this important story.

    Fournier got his start as a political reporter at the statehouse in Little Ark., covering then-Gov. Bill Clinton. He covered Clinton’s presidential campaign, moved to Washington in 1993 after Clinton was elected and spent 13 years covering the White House and national politics.

    He left AP last summer to become editor in chief of, a Web site that engaged citizens in online conversation with politicians and experts about the key issues of the day.

    “Ron is one of the finest political reporters in the country, and he earned his online stripes at over the last year,” Johnson said. “He’s ideally suited to this new role.”

    Fournier was a co-author of the 2006 book: “Applebee’s America. How Successful Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Connect with the New American Community.”

    He returns on March 7 and will continue to be based in Washington.

    For those of you in Washington, he’ll be in the bureau next week. He’ll be in New York the week of March 12-16 spending time in various departments around headquarters.