Four Ways to Declutter Your Day

Since our piece about the merit of having messy workspaces hit a chord (see, I told you we would unite), this one on AOL hit home, too.

We could all declutter, right? Some more than others but with a flew slight tweaks you may find your day is less “messy” indeed.

1. Eliminate extraneous choices. There are so many additional choices we need to make each and every day so why not streamline the process?

For instance, President Obama has indicated to reporters he eats the same exact thing for breakfast and lunch every day. As for the wardrobe, he rotates a few suits with matching shirts and ties. By eliminating the mental energy spent on trivial details, you can use that energy for more important decisions. (Like what you’re having for dinner. Kidding!)

2. Delegate. Another way to streamline your day involves relying on resources and trusting them. Even if you don’t have an official at the assistant at the office, there are ways to think outside the box. At home, is there someone who can help you with a chore or two?

Perhaps neighbors can share in food preparation as mentioned in the piece. Each family can provide a meal and rotate throughout the week so everyone doesn’t have to make dinner every single night.

You can always hire someone as well. For instance, outsourcing your housecleaning can give you the gift of time and energy.

4. Get rid of things. Yes, we went there. How could we not in a piece about decluttering? Simply stated, we have too much stuff and in the case of a messy desk, not only is it typically disorganized (it’s okay to nod your head in agreement, really. We get it.), it takes up time as you spend valuable moments each day filtering through piles in order to find what you’re seeking.

Is there something you can toss each day? What paperwork can you toss. This applies to your home as well. How many black shoes do you have in your closet that don’t get any play?