Four Ways to Boost Your Personal Brand & Look Like a Million Bucks

millionaireWant to boost your personal brand with the notion that you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression?

It’s all about executive presence, baby. Thanks to a Business Insider piece, several pointers can help create a sense of power and confidence.

1. Invest wisely. Go for it and invest in at least one good suit. Don’t skimp on quality and then complete your closet with less expensive, less important clothing. Per Vicky Oliver’s book, The Millionaire’s Handbook, buy “one-third as many clothes as you do now, but spend three times as much on each item.”

2. Focus on every single detail. Yes, iPhone case, we’re talking to you. And screensaver. And the pen you write with during an interview. Remember, the image you’re portraying goes beyond your clothing. Everything ranging from your accessories to your phone case to the inside of your car should be pristine.

3. Dress to assimilate and toss in one statement piece. Depending on the media company, the dress code could be formal whereas another one could be completely lax. When in doubt, dress similar to your company’s executives. (And if you’re a freelancer, it’s sweatpants for everyone! Kidding. These rules especially apply to freelancers to crank things up when they have a client meeting.)

Since you want to fit in without blending into a clone of one another, add one statement piece that’s appropriate for your office. Need an example? If you wear conservative suits, try wearing a colorful pair of eyeglasses.

 4. Appreciate “casual” instead of “sloppy.” Casual Fridays and summer in general can get pretty confusing. And by that we mean sloppy.

Casual technically means a few items of your regular work clothes are slightly different. Replace pants with a nice pair of jeans. If it’s still questionable, consider this — casual attire should be able to be quickly dressed up. So, if you’re wearing a nice top and jeans you can put on a jacket and voila! It’s go time.